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problem at launch QT Gui app

  • Hi

    I have an issue when i launch a QT Gui app
    I have an error "The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the operating system"
    "Signal name : ?
    Signal meaning : Unknown signal"
    When i launch the program on Release, he stop in a file named "Disassembler " on ligne 1176
    "0x68c36e9e <+0x125e> 0f be 03 movsbl (%ebx),%eax"
    When i launch on Debug, he stop to the first ligne
    "QApplication a(argc, argv);"
    this issue apparaet alone whit QT Gui app, if i launch an app whitout Gui, it's works
    somebody know why i have this problem ?

    I have Windows 7
    Qt Creator 4.6.2
    Qt 5.11.1

    PS: Sorry if it's not very good english, i'm french

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    most probably you didn't deploy your application properly?

  • Hi @icemake


    Yes, it looks like it doesn's have all the DLLs or some path is not quite right. It can be hard to deploy Qt manually. Make sure your Qt binary path is in your system path. I have my build script end with:

    windeployqt --compiler-runtime $APPDST -serialbus -serialport -winextras

    I am using deploying for windows: Compiled using MingW

    What you will see when using windeployqt is that it will scan your binary and copy ALL Qt DLLs that are necessary. Sometimes it can miss plugins which is why I specify -serialbus, -serialport, and -winextras.

    You are responsible for any M$VC runtimes our other OS specific libraries but this is much easier to do on windows with dependency walkers and just running and copying until the offending DLLs are all deployed.

    Make a list of these extras so you can always ensure they are deployed!

  • Hi

    Thanks for your ansers

    i don't understand all you say

    i try to create a new project and i have the same problem but when i took DLL from a QT GUI app working good, it's work
    i don't uderstand why
    (it's work whit a new project but it's not work whit old projet, i have this error : "Le point d'entrée de procédure _ZNK12QFontMetrics17horizontalAdvanceERK7QStringi est introuvable dans la bibliothèque de liens dynamiques Qt5Gui.dll" in French
    "The procedure entry point _ZNK12QFontMetrics17horizontalAdvanceERK7QStringi was not found in the Qt5Gui.dll dynamic-link library" in english (google trad)

    For windeployqt, i don't know if i must put the .exe in the folder of my file or not

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    @icemake said in problem at launch QT Gui app:

    "The procedure entry point _ZNK12QFontMetrics17horizontalAdvanceERK7QStringi was not found in the Qt5Gui.dll dynamic-link library" in english (google trad)

    then you copied the DLL of an older Qt version
    Or at least not the version you built against

    But using the windeployqt tool (as described in my first link) prevents such mistakes.

  • Hi

    I found how work windeployqt
    whit that, it's work


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