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Compiling a PDF Viewer with Qt Creator

  • Good afternoon,

    I'd like to compile a PDF viewer using Qt Creator.

    The project I'm working on will involve displaying more information about PDFs, and embedding (annotating) some extra information into them.

    I will probably use the PoDoFo or Hummus libraries for this, in the Wt environment.

    As a stepping-stone to the final project, I would like to use Qt to create some initial prototypes.

    Meaning I would like to compile a simple PDF project in Qt Creator, for instance, this one:

    Q:\Projects\diffpdf-1.2.2> ls
    accelerators.acc generic.cpp mainwindow.hpp poppler-0.16.7
    CHANGES generic.hpp Makefile poppler-0.16.7.tar.gz
    debug gpl-2.0.txt Makefile.Debug README
    diffpdf images Makefile.Release resources.qrc
    diffpdf.1 main.cpp optionsform.cpp sequence_matcher.cpp mainwindow.cpp optionsform.hpp sequence_matcher.hpp

    Q:\Projects\diffpdf-1.2.2> qmake && ls release
    <no output>

    Can you either recommend a different PDF project to build from, or alternatively help me get this one working?

    Thanks for all suggestions,

    Alec Taylor

  • qmake just creates platform-dependent makefiles, but does not build an application.
    You will need to run make (nmake, mingw32-make) too.

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