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QtIF: Adding version info in windows

  • Hi,

    how can i add version infos in the setup.exe in windows. There is no info in properties> details in windows.

    My RC-file:

    #include "version.h"
        BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
            BLOCK "040904E4"
                VALUE "CompanyName",        COMPANYNAME_STR           
                VALUE "FileVersion",        VERSION_STR            
                VALUE "LegalCopyright",     LEGALCOPYRIGHT_STR                        
                VALUE "ProductVersion",     VERSION_NUM_STR			

    I tried a res.rc file and compiled it with "... -r res.rc MySetup", but the debug output do not find a start tag "rcc". So, how can i achieve this infos?

    thank you in advance
    best regards

  • @Schenk

    When I understand you correctly that is not an issue of Qt installer framework.

    The information should be already in your application exe. When it is not in your exe QtIFW has nothing to do with adding the info.

    Check in the folder where the application if stored IFW access. Do a right click there and check if the original has already the information.

    Apparently you are using MSVC for updating and there are possibly a couple of presets which are updated by the MS framework.

  • I do not understand you suggestion. What do you want me to do?

    The created setup shall contain informations like name, type, path, creationdate, owner etc.

    I have to compile my setup with C:\Qt\QtIFW-3.0.4\bin\binarycreator.exe -v -f -c config/config.xml -p packages installer.exe
    In "normal" Qt projects the rc file is itegrated in the pro file. But there is no option in the binarycreator.exe to add additional information like an extra rc file without <RCC> tags.

  • @Schenk

    OK, now I seem to understand

    It is the installer.exe in your case where the information is missing.

    It looks as you have to specify the information through the config.xml because that is part of the input to binary creator.

    You are listing the general resource file to be integrated into your application by the resource compiler. I doubt that you have any chance with that.

  • @koahnig The information in the config.xml does not change in tne properties in the installer.exe.
    Name and version is mandatory and these information does not show up in the properties-details.

  • @Schenk said in QtIF: Adding version info in windows:

    but the debug output do not find a start tag "rcc". So, how can i achieve this infos?

    I tried using .rc file format and it just worked fine . see this

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