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qtwebkit-5.212 jquery datepicker problem

  • Hi all. I got some trouble by using qtwebkit-5.212.
    It is a screenshot I made from https://jqueryui.com/datepicker/

    I use Qt 5.8.0 + qtwebkit-5.212
    Before I used Qt 5.5.1 and there was no such problem.


  • Doesn't reproduce here
    What OS are you using? Are there any errors in JS console?

  • I am using Windows 7 32 bit Home Basic, Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.
    There no errors in JS console, except unexpected results 0_1533644386378_datepicker2.PNG

    A bit later I figured out a dependence timezone on my PC:
    If set UTC, or "UTC - 4:00 Santiago", or "UTC+ 4:00 Tbilisi" all work fine.
    But if I set "UTC + 4:00 Baku", "UTC + 2:00 Minsk" or something between "UTC +4 Yerevan" and "UTC-3:30 Newfoundland", widget stop works

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