Open external window in windows from QML application: SetProcessDpiAwareness(2) failed

  • Hello,

    I am writing a QML application in which I call C++ code.
    This code opens normally an external non Qt based (I think) window.
    If I execute the code from a console application everything works fine, but if I try to open the window from QML nothing opens and I get the following error:

    SetProcessDpiAwareness(2) failed: COM error 0xffffffff80070005  (Unknown error 0x0ffffffff80070005), using 2

    Is there a possibility to fix that?
    I already googled about the problem, but have not found a solution.

    Thank you very much!

  • Ok, I have not found a solution but a workaround.

    I have to open and close the external window before my QML gui is opened.
    So I do this in my main before the QML engine loads the QML file.
    Then I pass the necessary information from the external window via pointers to my GUI.

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