OpenGL context and testing with catch2

  • I'am trying to test my class that uses QOpenGLTexture but it cannot use QOpenGLTexture becouse there is no OpenGL context. I tried this:

    // gui app
        char *dummyArgv[] = {"dummy program name", NULL};
        int dummyArgc = sizeof(dummyArgv) / sizeof(char*) - 1;
        QGuiApplication app(dummyArgc, dummyArgv);
    // try 1 
        const auto screens = QGuiApplication::screens();
        REQUIRE(screens.size() > 0);
        QOpenGLContext context;
    // try 2
        QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
    // try 3
        QQuickView *view = new QQuickView;

    but I get

    Requires a valid current OpenGL context.
    Texture has not been created

    all the time.
    Is there a valid way to create a OpenGL context for QOpenGL-classes without running event loop?

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