Cpp to JS: function with struct as parameter

  • Hey,

    I'm currentlry trying to emit an js function on cpp

    js: testTextMessage(msg: TextMessage)



    struct TextMessage
      int sentTime;
      QString messageText;
     Q_INVOKABLE void testTextMessage(TextMessage msg);

    in an Widget Ctor where the QWebEngine is created:



    TextMessage msg;
    msg.messageText = "Frohen Joghurt mit Bier";
    msg.sentTime = 13374;
    emit testTextMessage(msg);

    But i get following error when emitting:

    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'messageText' of null", source: qrc:///web/index.html (929)

    can anyone help?

  • @Slei
    Not my area quite so excuse if dumb question, but are we supposed to see the implementation code for your testTextMessage(TextMessage msg), because somewhere your msg is null?

  • the implementation of this function is JS side and it only creates and console output with the struct data

  • I still haven't really found any solution to this.
    Has anyone any idea what might be the issue here?

  • Moderators

    Where do you execute your JS? As part of a QWebEnginePage , as the category 'QtWebEngine' hints at?

    If so, the direct export of types with qRegisterMetaType doesn't work. Web pages are rendered in a separate process, isolated from the rest of your program. You need something like QWebChannel to communicate back and forth ...

  • @kkoehne said in Cpp to JS: function with struct as parameter:

    You need something like QWebChannel to communicate back and forth ...

    I think I already work with QWebEngine. Communitcating with simple parameters works fine(Q Types and built in types)
    But I'm not fully sure how I can support user-defined types.

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    @Slei , can you post some complete example code?

    THere's no direct way to expose a C++ type to JS inside a QWebEnginePage - you'd need to recreate the type yourself using JS.

    If you however want to expose your type in QML/JS, see http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtqml-cppintegration-definetypes.html for a full overview of the various types.

  • // the webengine view widget
    m_wev = new QWebEngineView(this);
    QWebChannel* channel = new QWebChannel(m_wev);

    channel->registerObject(QString("ChatWidget"), this);

    is the way I'm creating the webcontent widget

    and the rest is as written in my initial post.

    I just want to send a struct to the Js from c++.
    It does work with a QList<QString>, QString etc.

    I think the other obvious solution might be using json and creating it myself, but i just wanna know if Qt might serialize it itself when I register my struct/class correctly

  • Here they suggest to use qRegisterMetaType:


    Which seems not to work for me

  • but i've also found the following issue:


  • Ok my solution to this:

    I manually create a QJsonObject for my custom type and send it as parameter, on the js everything stayed the same since js already deserializes the data

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