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Qt UI 2D and 3D rendering and optimization

  • Hello,

    My system has the UI shown below -

    It is a grid space where objects (light and/or sound emitting) can be placed in 2D space. Zoom level of 100% can be taken as 10m physical space. Objects will be drawn with the number of pixels defined by its size. Change in view (top, down, bottom, right, left and inclined) will trigger a redraw of the whole workspace and also zoom in/out levels and panning movement.

    I want to optimize (minimizing number of calculations) the rendering solutions for 2D and 3D for object placement and workspace interaction (zoom and pan).

    Can anyone help me with the approach / idea?

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    Hi and welcome to the forums
    Could you tell what you used for app ?
    Qt 3d, QML, QPainter, Graphics View Framework ?
    That will help people suggest implementations ideas.

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