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Qt5 & iPhoneX, 2 useful workarounds

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    Hi everyone,

    I had some issues the last few month with iOS and Qt, but with the help of the community, bugreports,etc. I was able to solve most of them.

    My last issue is currently rated with Low Priority in the bugtracker, and most likely not going to be fixed anytime soon. Therefore I thought, I should publish a small Qt-Project that adresses and solves 2 issues I had with Qt and the new iPhoneX.

    • The Ui does not cover the whole Phone, there's either to much (black)space on top or on the bottom
    • The HomeIndicator is in the way of the Ui I have, mainly during games.

    Its easier to find this thread via google than the correct one on the bugreport-dashboard

    The 2 bugreports can be found here:

    I combined the 2 solutions I took from those bugreports into a simple and minimalist Qt-Project;
    to be found here:

    To be found at GitHub

    I hope its helpful for someone :-)


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    Thanks !