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Avast alarm to Qt 5.10.1 static build

  • (windows 8.1 pro + Qt 5.10.1 + windows-build-qt-static.ps1 in admin powershell)

    as the attached image.

    And Avast blocks some file extraction from "", such as "configure.bat".

    Is there any other people experience that?

    I tried "" at the same time, it works well.



  • Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Your anti-virus application is just calling out that there is a new application which might be potentially dangerous.

    Yes, that happens to others also. It is a matter how nervous your AV-checker is. In a hyper-sensitive mode any AV checker will call out by anything trying to scan the disks and/or trying to communicate with the outside world.

    qmake is a central part required for using Qt libs. It has to scan the source files. If you do not allow it to do it, you cannot use Qt libs.

    Ultimately it is your decision on how to continue.

    Personally I have made the experience with my AV-checker that it is removing once in a while applications I just have generated as dangerous. It becomes weird when you start to debug. You check in one moment and all is there, but suddenly it is when trying to access. :(

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Its pretty normal for Avast
    I had to tweak it to ignore my build folder and
    not scan the exe every god damn time :)

    You might want to disable CyberCapture to let it build.

  • Hi, koahnig, thanks for your explanation.

    The funny point is that Avast doesn't bark at Qt 5.10.0.

    Maybe Qt can ask Avast put 5.10.1 into the white list or something?
    I am not pretty sure about how anti-virus software works, just a suggestion.


  • I have to correct what I said.
    5.10.0 also suffers from that. (CyberCapture is off)
    So, I pick the ultimate solution -- turn off Avast.

    Considering that had not happened weeks ago, I think the root cause is Avast.

  • @nNullSpace

    You might want to rethink.

    I do not know Avast, but most when not all AV-checker have different modes from basic checks to paranoid. Often some high-level mode denying most of thinks are activated by default.

    With my AV checker BitDefender I had to exclude also folders for building. However, to search such settings is certainly a nuisance, but less of a problem than rebuilding of your OS after an AV attack.

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    Also try disable Hardened Mode to check if thats the reason.

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