[Qt Remote Objects]

  • Hello all,

    I'm looking at Qt Remote Objects. I'm using the QRemoteObjectDynamicReplica to play a little bit with some QObject's fully defined and exposed through a QRemoteObjectHost, using the enableRemoting method.

    On the client side, I can invoke the methods of the dynamic replica that have no return value, but I'm not able to invoke the methods with a return value (using the signature of invokeMethod taking parameters for a return value). I tried to set different values for the ConnectionType, none is working if the method has no return value.

    Is there a way to call those methods with a return value ?

    Thank you in advance !

  • Can you explain what you have to do?
    Are you sure "Qt Remote Objects" are what you need?

  • Yes, sure!

    I'd like to expose an API (or a list of API's) usable by other processes. I already have the QObject defining the API, i.e. the properties, signals and slots usable. So I don't need to define the Source (the sources that will be parsed by repc) defining the API.

    Those objects will be used by some other processes. I could have used some IPC technologies using either QTcpSocket, QSharedMemory or other, but I'd like to have a look to the Qt Remote Object technology preview.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Ok, Qt Remote Objects seem be great. I haven't use it before.
    I normally use xml api over http, using the poco libraries.
    In this way you can share apis with other technologies such as php, java ...

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