qmake to generate visual studio solution

  • Hi all,
    I am going to generate visual studio solution for simple project, this is qt_button.pro file:

    TEMPLATE = vcapp
    TARGET = qt_button
    LANGUAGE = C++
    QT += widgets
    CONFIG += stl warn_on c++11 precompile_header
    PRECOMPILED_HEADER = src/pch.h
    RESOURCES += img.qrc
    SOURCES += src/main.cpp

    That is how I do it from command line:

    qmake -tp vc qt_button.pro

    It works without errors.

    But When I open qt_button.vcxproj file visual studio gives me error:

    0_1523878666889_178.150.81.2423389 - Подключение к удаленному рабочему столу.jpg

    Could you tell me please what am I doing wrong and where is my mistake. Thanks a lot.

    My environment:
    Visual Studio 2017
    Qt 5.10.1
    QMake version 3.1

  • Path to qmake.exe was set incorrectly.

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    @OlegK Then please mark this topic as SOLVED (button Topic Tools). Thanks.

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