[Solved] QWebPage::WebAction add own Action to context menu

  • Hallo everyone,
    does anybody know how do I add custom QAction to Standart QWebPage context menu or change attributes of standard one?

    I actually need to disable "Go Back" and "Reload" actions. + Enable/or add my own "Sellect All"(and reconnect it to my own slot, because of buggy behavior of standard action if enabled with setContentEditable(true))....

    QWebView view = new QWebView();
    // This gives Segnebtation fault
    QAction test = view->page()->action(QWebPage::SelectAll)->menu()->addAction("Sellect All");

    //this does nothing at all
    QAction test = view->page()->action(QWebPage::SelectAll);

    connect( .... etc...

  • Just override QWebView::contextMenuEvent. In there, you can check if the menu is swallowed by the QWebPage (swallowContextMenuEvent), get the default one from the page (QWebPage::createStandardContextMenu), modify it, and/or exec the one you want.

  • Thank you, peppe!
    I will try that...

  • Wroks perfect! Thanks!

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