Bulletphysics QML plugin + source code + Qt3D demos

  • Hi, guys, would like to share Bulletphysics qml extension plugin with you:>

    Demo videos:

    Bullet Physics QML/Qt3D Demo (SphereShape and BoxShape):
    0_1521975830283_Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.01.38 pm.png

    Marble Maze Demo (HeightfieldTerrainShape and Generic6DofSpring2Constraint) :
    0_1521975857799_Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.03.06 pm.png

    Excavator Simulation (HeightfieldTerrainShape and Constrains) :
    0_1521975877422_Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.02.33 pm.png

    Vehicle Simulation (HeightfieldTerrainShape and Constrains) :
    0_1521975897947_Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.02.28 pm.png

    Source Code:

    Bullet Physics QML Plugin provides Qt QML wrapper classes for bullet physics API which can be used together with Qt3D in physics simulation software.

    The plugin is based on Qt 5.10 and Bullet 2.83.

    Supported Bullet features

    Rigid body dynamic simulation:

    • AutoHeightmapImpactModifier
    • CollisionObject
    • DiscreteDynamicsWorld
    • RigidBody
    • ContackCallback
    • RayTest
    • HeightmapModifier

    Collision shapes:

    • BoxShape
    • CapsuleShape
    • CompoundShape
    • ConeShape
    • CylinderShape
    • HeightfieldTerrainShape
    • SphereShape
    • StaticPlaneShape
    • TriangleMeshShape
    • UniformScalingShape


    • ConeTwistConstraint
    • FixedConstraint
    • GearConstraint
    • Generic6DofConstraint
    • Generic6DofSpring2Constraint
    • Generic6DofSpringConstraint
    • Hinge2Constraint
    • HingeAccumulatedAngleConstraint
    • HingeConstraint
    • Point2PointConstraint
    • SliderConstraint
    • UniversalConstraint

    Supported Bullet related Qt3D render features

    • TriangleMesh: Defines a QML triangle mesh object which is used by TriangleMeshShape for physics simulation and TriangleMeshRenderer for 3D visulization.

    • TriangleMeshRenderer: render TriangleMesh.

    Dependencies and supported platforms

    Qt: 5.10 or above.
    Bullet: 2.83
    development platforms: Windows 7, osx.
    target platforms: Windows 7, osx, iOS, Android.
    gl3 and es2

    The Bullet Physics QML Plugin is licensed under the permissive zlib license.

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    Thanks for sharing !

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    Thank you for sharing.
    Pretty cool :)

  • My pleasure, adding more demo videos. I love QML/Qt3D:>

  • Wow! Cool!

  • Awesome project! How hard would it be to port the project to QtQuick 3D?

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