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Javascript/JSON/HTML5/websocket support in QtWebEngine Quick Nano browser?

  • Hello,

    We have a task to stream video to a 800x480 LCD from a camera providing MJPEG or from rstp server providing MPEG3 or MJPEG streams.

    Hardware platform is ARM (i.MX6). LCD is supported via the Linux Framebuffer driver. No X11, no Wayland.

    What we need are:

    1. https
    2. websocket compatibility with linux libwebsockets
    3. json and javascript
    4. HTML5

    Putting aside possible performance issues, the questions are:

    • does the example browser (Quick Nano) provided with Qtwebengine support the above features?
    • If not, could someone please comment on the possibility of adding a missing feature(s) to the Quick Nano browser example?
    • Any other ready browsers? Chromium and Firefox (from Yocto meta-browser) are out of question because they don't support Linux Framebuffer yet.

    Any other hints would be appreciated.


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