Can AssimpImporter class in Qt3DRender be used to load model directly?Is there any examples?

  • I found since Qt5.5,there is AssimpImporter class in Qt3DRender,does it mean I can use AssimpImporter class to load 3D model directly without configuring assimp by myself?I trid to configure assimp,but there are lots of errors,and it would be realy troublesome when it changed to linux.
    If AssimpImporter class can do it directly,then is there any example or reference?
    Any suggestion would be appreciated,thanks in advanced.

  • 'AssimpImporter' should be able to import 3D models supported by 'Assimp' library, but there is no such class in Qt, at least not in Qt 5.5.1 (Kubuntu 16.04.3), Qt 5.10.0 (Windows 10 and Kubuntu 16.04.3) and Qt 5.10.1 (Windows 10).

    Personally I wouldn't recommend you using Qt3D (at this point), since this module still looks like a technology preview although is not marked as such.

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