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QTreeView with QFileSystemModel not sorting

  • Hi,
    I have a QTreeView for a QFileSystemModel in which I only keep the Name column visible.

    I have set

    m_dirTree->sortByColumn(index.column(), Qt::AscendingOrder);

    and use the following to add a subfolder to the currently selected folder:

    index = m_treeModel->mkdir(index, foldername);

    The view is updated to show the newly added folder, but it is appended at the end of the subdir list. So even if I name my new folder AA, it will still show after ZZZ.

    Forcing a sort by clicking on the header's sort arrow does not correct this either?
    What is going on?

  • QObject::connect(m_treeModel,&QAbstractItemModel::dataChanged,[=]()->void {m_treeModel->sort(0);});

  • @VRonin said in QTreeView with QFileSystemModel not sorting:

    QObject::connect(m_treeModel,&QAbstractItemModel::dataChanged,=->void {m_treeModel->sort(0);});

    Thanks @VRonin .

    I tried you connect, and the slot is called, but the sort has no effect.

    The thing is, when I create the AA folder manually in Explorer, the tree updates correctly and shows AA at the top. So maybe I should try using another method to make the directory than


    Indeed, when I use QDir::mkdirI() the model updates to the correct sort order...

  • Coincidentally, I had the same problem as you before.

    Define that: m_model is the object of class QFileSystemModel, and m_rootpath is the root path of your filetree.

    In the constructor function of QTreeView, there should be the following code:


    Add the following code where you have done the file operation.


    The method WORKS in my project !

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