QTableview column width is reset to default when model is change.

  • Hi,
    I have a qtableview, some columns has a long string. So I need to resize the width of column. But when model adds new item, or item is updated. The column width is reset to default. I don't want so.
    How to due with this?

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    first of all you need to be more specific.
    What type of model? Custom implementation?
    If it's a custom implemented model, do you call reset() whenever item data changes?

  • @raven-worx
    It is QStandardItemModel.

    void MainWindow::updateModel(int row, Session *s)
        int i=0;
        QStringList stat;
        stat << "INACTIVE" << "ACTIVE" << "REJECTED";
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(stat[s->getStat()]));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getImsi().getImsiString()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getApn().getApn()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getRFTeidC().getFTeid()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getDefaultBearer()->getRFTeidU().getFTeid()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getLFTeidC().getFTeid()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getDefaultBearer()->getLFTeidU().getFTeid()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getPaa().getPaa()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getRatType().getRatType()));
        ue_list_model->setItem(row, i++, new QStandardItem(s->getBearersEbi()));
        model_map[s] = ue_list_model->item(row);
        for(int j=0;j<i;j++){
            ue_list_model->item(row, j)->setFlags(Qt::ItemIsSelectable|Qt::ItemIsEnabled|Qt::ItemNeverHasChildren);

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    why do you mix ue_list_model->setItem() when you already use ue_list_model->item() in the same function?`
    I guess setting a new item leads to a model reset, whereas updating an existing item just triggers a data changed.

  • @raven-worx
    Here may insert a new row. If I want to add a new row, I will call this function with updateModel(ue_list_model->rowCount(), s);
    So item may not existing yet.

  • Does the column width reset when your app gets focus as well?

    I am seeing this after updating from Qt 5.9.3 to Qt 5.9.4 on Fedora.


  • @Barry-Scott
    Oh, Yes. It a new bug in 5.9.4

  • Qt Champions 2018

    @Mr-Pang @Barry-Scott

    Have you already searched on bugreports.qt.io? if this bug is not reported yet, please do so.


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