How to correctly handle touchable widgets in a QML program

  • Hi all,
    Part of my game includes a table in which there is a ball rotating. There are also two rectangles like rackets that a player can use for the game. At first for each racket I used a simple rectangle with a mouse area filling the rectangle and some drag properties. It was somewhat fine when I ran the program on my Desktop but on Android devices, touching (i,e. by finger) the rackets is:

    • hard making the game unpleasant
    • and also moving the rackets affects the movement of the ball!

    So I searched the Web and faced MultiPointTouchArea and tried to use it in both rackets with that hope it solves the issues.

    I used this code for each racket:

    import QtQuick 2.9
        Rectangle {
            id: root
            width: 15; height: 65
            property int oldY: y
            property bool yUwards: false
            property bool yDwards: false
               onYChanged: {
                   if(y > oldY)  yDwards = true
                   else if (y < oldY)  yUwards = true
                   oldY = y
               MultiPointTouchArea {
                anchors.fill: root
                mouseEnabled: true
                minimumTouchPoints: 1
                maximumTouchPoints: 1
                touchPoints: [
                    TouchPoint { id: root }
                drag.axis: Drag.YAxis
                drag.minimumY: table.y
                drag.maximumY: table.height - height - 10

    But there are errors like:
    qrc:/Racket.qml:22 id is not unique

    OK, I can change root to some other id but drags are also the other problem! :(

    I mean, what is the correct use of that method for the rackets to solve those two problems, please?

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