Embedded Javascript hanging

  • I have an old application I'm supporting which is running Qt 4.8.6 via PyQt. The app has a WebView with a few javascript files embedded via the qrc mechanism.

    The application works fine for most people, but I've now seen a few reports from Mac users where the Javascript execution seems to hang. I'm not sure if there is a common OS version for these problematic cases, but it definitely started just recently.

    Any clues as to what could be causing this on the side of the Mac? I'm thinking some sytem-level security but really just guessing.

    0_1513372420156_Screenshot 2017-12-15 15.04.39.png

  • Qt 4.8.6 is long EOL, so indeed it's possible that is has troubles with modern macOS versions which didn't exist when it was released

    Is it happening inside sanbox, by chance?

    Anyway, you should consider migrating to Qt 5 ASAP

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