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Qt 5.9.2 widget is asking for newer kernel after adding opengl

  • This question might be really confusing and looks stupid to many of you. But i am shooting it anyway.
    I was able to cross compile Qt 5.9.2 for an armv7l processor with QtWebengine.
    I had to use a compiler (let's call it arm300) which came with the SDK and is based on Linux Kernel 3.10 and gcc 4.8.3. Also based on uClibc. I have used -mfloat-abi=softfp -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 with my compiler as it was impossible (atleast for me ) to compile it without neon. You can have a look at this link to know why i had to go with neon.
    QtWebengine build error with opus and silk codecs

    Now, i need to test if the newly compiled Qt5 will work for a board with same architecture, but running on an older Linux kernel 3.0.8.
    I had earlier compiled Qt5.9.2 without QtWebEngine and using the same compiler arm300 and i didn't have opengl linked with this build. A simple application worked fine using linuxfb plugin.

    But now, after linking opengl with my build. I am getting this error

    A newer kernel is required to run this binary. (__kernel_cmpxchg64 helper)      

    Yes the message is loud and clear.
    Is it because of the opengl features which is trying to access additional features which is not present Linux kernel 3.0.8 or do i have a work around for this other than upgrading my kernel ?
    What if i use QtWebKit ?

    This post is almost as same as mine, but the solutions given is not working for me.

    Thank you for going through this long question. Please feel free to ask for further clarifications.