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QImage Class, loading an image results in different behaviour between debug and release

  • I have found the root of my image display problem after some investigations but I still don't understand if this is actually a bug.
    My program is working fine in release but not really in debug sessions.

    Here is the part. I load a 2048x2048 grayscale 8bits bmp image this way:

    QImage image(":/v3_res.bmp");

    Then if I verify the image format:

    qDebug() << "image format is " << image.format();
    qDebug() << "image size is " << image.byteCount();

    Output from release:
    image format is 3
    image size is 4194304

    Output from debug:
    image format is 4
    image size is 16777216

    While this is actually the same image, the pixel format is not the same.

    Tried this:
    QImage image(2048,2048,QImage::Format_Indexed8);
    image.load(":/v3_res.bmp", "BMP");
    But it doesn't change format during debug.

    Also tried this:
    image = image.convertToFormat(QImage::Format_Indexed8);
    which show an image but looks kinda strange because you see it was not read in the correct format first.

    Image metadata looks correct (Windows report 8 Bits depth) and file size is 4'195'382 bytes

    So I have 2 questions now:
    Is this a bug?
    Is there a way to force the format during the creation of the QImage with a filename?

    Thank you for your answers

    • could you upload the file somewhere so we can test it?
    • what version of Qt, compiler and OS are you using?

  • I upload it here
    File was found in png on internet, converted to 256-grayscale and saved to bitmap using XnView

    I'm using
    Qt 5.8.0 MinGW 32bit (mingw53_32)
    MinGW 5.3.0 32bit
    Windows 10 Pro 64 (v1703)

  • Just to update the issue, I tried the minimal code to load this image and it works now correctly everytime in debug too.. format 3 (QImage::Format_Indexed8) is reported for both.

    The issue is probably coming from somewhere else but it will be very difficult to track it down now...
    The code is exactly:
    QImage image(":/v3_res.bmp");
    qDebug() << "image format is " << image.format();
    qDebug() << "image size is " << image.byteCount();
    And I don't understand how it may be related to anything else in my software.

    Still looking for a way to force this in a manual way for the moment.

  • Ok, I think a clean and rebuild of the whole project did the trick.

    I always forget when I don't use it for sometimes. When something is doing weird with Qt you have to clean, qmake or rebuild to get everything in order.

    I will tag this issue as solved !