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Button Text not readable

  • As the title says the button text is not visible at all . When i click on it then only i am able to see it for a second .
    Screenshot :
    alt text

    Code :

    import QtQuick 2.6
    import QtQuick.Controls 2.0
    import QtQuick.Dialogs 1.2
    Item {
       id: root
       width: 580
       height: 400
       SystemPalette { id: palette }
       clip: true
        MessageDialog {
            id: quitDialog
            text: "Do you wish to quit?"
            visible: false
            icon : StandardIcon.Question
            modality: Qt.ApplicationModal
            standardButtons: StandardButton.Yes | StandardButton.No
            onAccepted: Qt.quit()
            Component.onCompleted: visible = true
            onYes : Qt.quit();
            onNo: console.log("Not quitting")

    Any ideas why this is happening ?

  • Hi ,

    Just tried ur code, the text is visible for me when i ran it.
    i tried with Qt 5.8 , Qt 5.9 Windows.


    Can u list ur configuration?.


  • @Pradeep-Kumar Hey , the thing is my system has dark theme ( i am using KDE ) but when i switch the theme to light theme , it shows text .
    alt text

    I am not really sure why this is happening

    My system if it helps :
    Linux mint 18 KDE .
    Qt 5.9 .

  • Hmmm k , didnt try with linux and the other themed settings,
    make be native look and feel i suppose.
    Will try with ur configuration some time.


  • still i don't understand why this behaviour :/ . does it automatically takes system theme and set colors accordingly

  • need to check Qt classes for system settings and native look and feel,
    and of adopting those changes for App.