Qt Visual Studio 2010 add-in qserialdevice set up

  • I'm very new to Qt and Visual Studio. How would I go about using the qserialdevice library in a Visual Studio Qt solution? I was able to compile a qserialdevice.lib file from Visual Studio.

    Thanks, I'm struggling a bit with the IDE, but I am forced to use it.

  • Hi cmessineo

    your question is quite specific, but also very open. So it is not clear where to start.

    I am assuming that you have properly installed a Qt version for msvc2010. Which version? How did you get the binaries?
    Do you have installed "vsaddin":http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/visual-studio-add-in ?

  • Thanks for replying, I had trouble finding where to add additional include directories and where to add my lib file. I'm wasn't familiar with the IDE.

  • im also a real beginner and i wanna know if there's any clear advice about how to use the qserialdevice library in a project?
    i cant compile the examples i guess i have to build the buildlibrary first but the problem is that i get errors inside the codes and so building the library doesnt get successful and when building the examples,i get this error : cannot find -lqserialdevice
    how shuold i correctly build the library so that i can compile examples of qserialdevice and also use the library?
    is there a step by step guide for that or can anybody plz tell me in detail?
    ill be so thankfull for that.

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