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No valid kits found

  • Hello I am new to Qt and programming. In class we're were told to use Qt Creator, but I cannot create a project, because the program tells me that "there were no valid kits found". I am using version 4.4.1.

    0_1508089427047_no kits fund 1.JPG

    0_1508089218656_no kits found.JPG

    I am probably missing something, also I have seen that other people in class, when installing the program could choose which libraries, compilers etc. they wanted to add, but I didn't have that option during the installation. Also, the size of the download was, at least so I was told, around 30GB while mine had a size of 700 MB.

    Do I have to manually add the kits and if thet's the case how do I do this?

    As you can probably tell by now I really am completely new to not just Qt, but this kind of thing in general.
    I hope that someone can help me since I have no clue how to solve this (probably simple) problem.


  • @krammy

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Please share the selection list of your Qt install.
    Did you use the online installer?
    What operation system are using?

    It looks like you have deselected all components and only Qt creator is installed.

  • Hi.First, thanks for the quick reply.
    I am using Windows 10 as OS.
    And yes I used the online installer. Though I do not know exactly what I selected during the installation. I just accepted the default settings. If it is as you say and I somehow deselected all the components, how do I (re-)install them?


  • @krammy

    Best is to restart the MaintenanceTool.exe and use the first option
    like here:
    Here is an example of what I have installed.

    For starting you need at least one version of Qt libs (e.g. Qt 5.9.2).
    Either you load all, which is quite a bit or you should load / check

    This installs the MinGW pre-build and you need also to check the appropriate compiler under tools. The compiler for the pre-build is for Qt 5.9.2 MinGW 5.3.0 . If you like to install another MinGW pre-build, you need this compiler as well.

    You could use also the MSVC201* versions, but there you need to install the MSVC201* compiler version,which you have to purchase or to install the respective community version.

    As you see I am working with MinGW, which is fine. From my point of view no need to go for MSVC versions.

  • Where in the Qt-Folder can I find the MaintenanceTool.exe? Or is it in a seperate folder?

  • Nevermind, problem solved. Thanks for the immediate response. You really saved me.


  • I found MaintenanceTool.exe installed in C:\Qt. I didn't know it existed until I found this bug report via ~ "qt creator install can't add kit" while beginning to create my own report.

    It would be helpful and reduce a lot of confusion if a Start Menu link to this tool was created adjacent to Qt Creator. (I suggest a name like Qt Update Tool)

  • @maphew

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    This is only a user's forum. Nobody is monitring for bug reports and implementation suggestions. You would need to make an input to JIRA which is the offical bug tracker for Qt and all tools. You may use your account credentials also there.

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