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Problem trying to fix a Qt bug

  • Hello everybody.

    We've sort of fixed a bug in Qt, it's a problem with NTLMv2 proxies and it's already reported ( ).

    In fact, we did it for version 4.7.1, the one we're currently linking to in our application.

    But now we want to contribute it to Qt so that it's added to 4.8. The fix we did was more of a hack that worked for us but can't be sent as is. There are some problems:

    • The bug itself only affects Windows systems because it's a proxy that uses Windows identity itself. In fact, you must be inside a Windows Domain and that can only happen when using a Windows system, so...

    • The code with the patch is system-specific (it uses Windows APIs), but given that the problem itself is system-specific that's understandable.

    I can add #ifdef WIN32 to the new code and comment what it's doing, but there's a catch, the APIs used are implemented inside secur32.lib, which is a library on Windows SDK. That means that the developer must have the Windows SDK installed (it's completely free but it doesn't come with Visual Studio) and the library and library path must be added to the Qt compilation... somehow.

    All of that is no problem when developing our own application but becomes a real pain when we want to contribute the fix to Qt. Is there a way we could solve this issue?

    [EDIT: fixed link, Volker]

  • You might want to talk to the Qt developers on IRC (#qt-labs on freenode)

  • That's what I did, thanks.

  • If you need help with the merge request (I assumed from the IRC logs that that's what you're going to do), feel free to ask. Also, please post a link to the merge request here, once you have submitted it.

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