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Qt-Complex desktop preview

  • Hi to all

    Starting from now "Qt-Complex": framework runs on desktop with the same features as for Harmattan Meego 1.2 and Symbian devices.

    Take a look to this short video:

  • Hi Alicemirror,

    Could you please tell me which sources/zip you used to run the test application in the video on the desktop? I want to give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing your impressive work! I'm following you ;)

  • Hello Eddy,

    I appreciate vey much your work and your interest. The video shows a very very primitive preview. The interesting thing is that if you run Qt-Complex in this project and setup the project both for desktop or symbian, it works at all.

    Well, I am going ahead with Qt-Complex 2.0 with new great elements developing before the new components in a application then updating the framework project alone. This preview refers to the "Black Cat Cutting project": If you clone the git (updated to last night) you see more than the video expecially the dynamic toolbar and the generaly mechanism to adopting the view style of X7, Symbina Anna, Harmattan etc.

    If you subscribe following this project you'll be updated with the last changes. At the moment (released in few hours) I am preparing the embedded web page to see the wiki pages online.

    Let me know if it works and if you have problems let me know that we check.

    Cheers. Enrico

  • version 2.0 already coming up! You are a coding rocket going fast.

    Thanks for the details. I will have a play with it and let you know how it goes.


  • Many thanks, I am curious to know your opinion.


  • Hi Enrico,

    I'm mobile now, so I can't play with it.
    Tomorrow morning will be fun ;)

  • Well, I update you about changes before tomorrow morning. Sure. :)

  • Last updated version alpha 2.1.x is definitely workin with embedded pages and dynamic toolbars. Difficult that another step can be done before this night very late :)

  • Hi Enrico,

    I just tried to clone your project using Git bash on windows7 64bit.
    git clone ssh://

    cloning into ...
    permission denied (publickey)
    fatal : the remote end hung up unexpectedly

    I could try my debian box but I have some problems with grub that I have to solve first.

    Any suggestions?

  • Moderators

    there was a similar problem (exactly the same error message) with Gitorious (at least 2 times, AFAIK. One happened to me, too) - in their case, regenerating the SSH key repository on the server solved it. Hope that helps :)

  • Hi Eddy,

    I managed the git clone and update of the project for a while using ssh key then I used the https because on the net I can't manage always THE SAME key in all the sites. But when I find this problem, I solved in the same way regenerating the ssh key with the last updated on my computer. Try it and let me know if the problem persists we find another way (i.e. registering you as team member)

  • Hello Eddy,

    have you cloned the repo ? If you have poblems again I will uploade a zip of the project (but the best remain cloning...

    Here is a video preview of Black cut cuttin studio with some of the Qt-Complex 2.0 new features.

    Cheers, Enrico

  • Thanks Sierdzio, thanks Alicemirror.

    I just got back and will give it a try again.



  • Hi, I'm back.

    But the same error remains.
    I tested to clone another rep and this was succesfull. So my settings should be correct.

    The video looks great! At least I could enjoy that one.

  • Damn!!!

    I have no idea. You should be logged to clone, is true ?

    If you see anonimous can only view, as I know. Cloning, commenting and following the project is allowed only to registered users ;) Please can you try ? If the error persist it is possible that I misundestood the settings.


  • ... As because in this moment I can't test on windows, only mac and symbian so I am really curious toknow your impressions seeing the code at work!

  • Hi Enrico,

    I works using desktop 4.7.3 release :

    See the windows7 decorations?

    Great job and thanks for letting me play! ;)


  • Hi Eddy,

    many thanks for the test. I think that I should update the wiki page with some details on the Qt sdk version and Qt Quick components should be installed to work with Qt-Complex at the best.

    Thank you for the corrections to the wiki page ;)


  • My pleasure, Enrico,

    It was all in a rush this morning, but I could leave with a good feeling because it worked.



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