recent build/use of Doxygen plugin?

  • I'm trying to build the doxygen plugin mentioned in the Wiki. I'm getting a bunch of build errors that I just don't have time to chase down right now (I'll use doxygen standalone instead).

    I was just curious if anyone had successfully built this plugin recently.


  • I am sorry to ask but what do you need this plugin for? I use commenting style from Doxygen wiki and it works just great? What do I miss?

  • I haven't used the plugin yet, but I was hopeful that it would automate some of the comment formatting for doxygen.

    The plugin certainly isn't essential, but if it did what I thought it would do, it would be very convenient.

  • But QtCreator already does that to some extend?

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    Not sure what the plugin does.

    Creator can do tricks
    ( @artwaw beat me to it :)

    ///(and press enter)
    class MainWindow : public QMainWindow {
    /// \brief The MainWindow class
    class MainWindow : public QMainWindow {
    and same with functions
    /// \brief PointSegmentDistanceSquared
    /// \param px
    /// \param py
    /// \param p1x
    /// \param p1y
    /// \param p2x
    /// \param p2y
    /// \param t
    /// \param qx
    /// \param qy
    /// \return 
    double PointSegmentDistanceSquared( double px, double py,
                                        double p1x, double p1y,
                                        double p2x, double p2y,
                                        double& t,
                                        double& qx, double& qy) {

  • I don't get that behavior from Creator. Did you have to do something to enable it?

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    I know only of these
    alt text

  • I have that option enabled, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Are you using C++? And you just type "///" ? Do you select any code first?

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    I place cursor on line directly above class or function
    i type /// (3 of them) and press enter

    and yes c++.

  • OK, I got it to work for me. So, is the /// \ a newer format than the /*! listed in the doxygen help?

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    Not really. it is just one way.
    you can also use

    (and enter) to get the other style.

       * @brief MainWindow
       * @param parent
      explicit MainWindow(QWidget* parent = 0);

    I assume there are even more :)

  • Yay! Thanks...and yes there are more, at least this one: /!* (which supposedly is the Qt form).

    So, once you get this in, do you just run doxygen separately?

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    @mzimmers said in recent build/use of Doxygen plugin?:

    So, once you get this in, do you just run doxygen separately?

    Yes, i have .sh (bat) file to run it from the project folder.
    I use a options file for it to specify settings.

  • @mzimmers I can confirm that this also works on Windows. I use standalone Doxygen, with dot, dia and all the stack.

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