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  • I have created a Qt application (it uses R for running analyses). I want to make the application extendable using application plugins - in the sense, I want to allow anyone to make a new analysis (say linear-regression), with it's own user interface and an r package. How do I make this into a plugin?

    In the future, I want to be able to download the new "analysis-plugin" (maybe from an app store) and my qt application should be able to run it. How do I do this?

    Currently I just ship all the analyses in each release.

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    First read this

    Then you need to think about a (robust) generic abstract interface which each plugin need to implement.
    Also the link from above says:

    1. Define a set of interfaces (classes with only pure virtual functions) used to talk to the plugins.
    2. Use the Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE() macro to tell Qt's meta-object system about the interface.
    3. Use QPluginLoader in the application to load the plugins.
    4. Use qobject_cast() to test whether a plugin implements a given interface.

    You can use QPluginLoader to load plugins from a custom folder name which then needs to rely next to the Qt plugins (somewhere in the import paths).

    The interface class can have methods like:

    class MyInterface
        virtual ~MyInterface() {}
        virtual QWidget* getGui() const = 0;
        virtual void calculate() = 0;
        ..... whatever information the application needs

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    Also for my first attempt i used

    which is pretty small and easy to understand.