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Pre-requisites before pushing a QT project in GIT

  • I am currently doing a new QT project and after completion I have pushed in github.

    Now, the thing is that I have done using Mac environment, and the only things being pushed is the source files, .pro, and .ui .

    So is this enough for someone to work on if he/she is working in a separate environment than Mac, as in will it work if a person from windows environment builds it or am I supposed to add something else before pushing the project to git ?

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    What you pushed is fine (I assume you are not talking about QML project, in that case you would need to push the QML files and the resource file as well) and should be enough.

    A general rule of thumb: push everything you reference in .pro file. Qmake uses the .pro file to build the project (on any platform), so if you have all files from .pro in your git repo, the project should build fine on all platforms.

  • @sierdzio
    Yeah, I am not using QML.

    But in my .pro I also have :

    CONFIG  += link_pkgconfig
    PKGCONFIG += opencv

    So is it fine with this, as the other person can install opencv library in his/her environment and configure or should I need to do anything for this before pushing?

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    I have no experience with pkgconfig, sorry.

    I think other people will need to use it on their side and it should be OK. Apart from Windows where pkgconfig is not (easily) available.

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