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[SOLVED] save and restore window / dialog positions

  • I would like to save my mainwindow, dialogs and toolbar positions. I am having a difficult time implementing the save and restore geometry code found "here.": the problem is that i don't know how to create the savegeometry and savestate functions.

    can I have a working example that works with x11 please.

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    You don't have to create them. They're already provided by "QWidget": (unless you're using a version of Qt older than 4.2). If your class inherits QWidget, then you can just call the methods.

  • I am have a problem with line 24 / 25 of the code. I am getting the error mainwindow.cpp:24: error: 'saveGeometry' was not declared in this scope and mainwindow.cpp:25: error: 'saveState' was not declared in this scope.

    do i have to create the saveGeometry and saveState functions? I need examples for this code please.

    @#include "mainwindow.h"
    #include "ui_mainwindow.h"
    #include <QWidget>
    #include <QSettings>

    MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::MainWindow)
    QSettings settings;

    // create docks, toolbars, etc...


    void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event) {
    QSettings settings;
    settings.setValue("mainWindowGeometry", saveGeometry());
    settings.setValue("mainWindowState", saveState());

    delete ui;

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    Line 22 should be:

    void MainWindow::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event) {

  • thank you Mlong.

    I changed line 22. run the program and i do not get any errors. Yet the code is not saving the main window position. what am i doing wrong?

  • i solved it. i needed the following code in the main.cpp file

    @ QCoreApplication::setOrganizationDomain("OrgDomain");

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    Glad it's working! (Be sure and use meaningful values in your Organization & App domains and names.)

  • ok, I will. thank you

  • "here": is the link from the save state quote below
    [quote]This function deals with session management. It is invoked when the session manager wants the application to preserve its state for a future session.

    For example, a text editor would create a temporary file that includes the current contents of its edit buffers, the location of the cursor and other aspects of the current editing session.

    You should never exit the application within this function. Instead, the session manager may or may not do this afterwards, depending on the context. Futhermore, most session managers will very likely request a saved state immediately after the application has been started. This permits the session manager to learn about the application's restart policy.[/quote]

    one last question. above is a quote about saveStates. the savestate code that I have in my program (see below code), will my program exit within this saveState function?

    @settings.setValue("mainWindowState", saveState());@

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.

    The saveState() won't ever cause your program to exit.

    However, when the above program exits, the closeEvent() will be called as the window is closed and, thus, saveState() will be called.

  • the save state quote above is saying that You should never exit the application within this save state function. is my code exiting within the save state function?

  • no, your code is exiting after saveState(), when closeEvent() is ended.

    This warning is only for people who re-implement the saveState() fucntion, it's not your case, you are using the original one.

  • thank you redkite. i marked this topic as solved.

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