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QtWebEngine YouTube live stream shows only spinner.(with using Flashplayer)

  • Re: How to stream live content from YouTube using QWebEngineView

    Hi out there. I have been using the advice as mentioned in the link above, as I also did hit the HTML5 problem when wanting to play a YouTube live stream. It is also not working in the Qt Demo Browser example. So do not know how to resolve.

    I do not get a YouTube live stream in the window. It does continue to spin (hourglass), as if it is loading. When I slide the YouTube progress bar back I do see the historical snapshots passing by.

    Who know the solution for this problem?


    Screenshot of Problem YouTube Live Stream with endless Spinner:
    0_1503216582912_Screen Shot 08-20-17 at 10.05 AM.PNG

    Screenshot of playing a YouTube video without any problem:
    0_1503231361609_Screen Shot 08-20-17 at 02.14 PM.PNG

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