add path to PYTHON_PATH before calling script?

  • in my .pro file, i have this:

    QMAKE_POST_LINK += python $${DIR_KJAMS_DEV}xplat/python/ $$build_depth $$TARGET

    in my .bash_profile i have this:

    export PYTHONPATH

    however, in the post_link script called from the .pro file, that python path is NOT included in the sys.path list.
    what's up with that? how do i ensure my path is added?

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    It's likely that qmake does not call bash. Does the shebang character in call sh or bash?

    Also, try putting your path into .bashrc, perhaps it will pick it up from there.

    And last resort: you can specify the path in QMAKE_POST_LINK call, too:

    QMAKE_POST_LINK +=  PYTHONPATH="${PYTHONPATH}:/Users/davec/Developer/depot/CF/python/" python $${DIR_KJAMS_DEV}xplat/python/ $$build_depth $$TARGET

    Or at least I think it might work ;-)

  • that might work!
    what i ended up doing was making a python file called "", which looks like this:

    import os, sys
    def	get_script_path_local(fileStr):
    	scriptPath = fileStr
    	if scriptPath.find(os.sep) == -1:
    		scriptPath = os.getcwd() + os.sep + scriptPath
    	return scriptPath
    def	get_script_folder_local():
    	scriptFile = os.path.abspath(__file__)
    	#debug_print("__file__: " + scriptFile)
    	pathStr = get_script_path_local(scriptFile)
    	#debug_print("script file: " + pathStr)
    	pathStr = os.path.dirname(pathStr)
    	#debug_print("script folder: " + pathStr)
    	return os.path.abspath(pathStr) + '/'
    sys.path.append(os.path.abspath(				\
    	get_script_folder_local() + "../../../..")	\
    	+ '/CF/python/')

    then in the python file(s) that i must run, just do this:

    import include

    and BOOM, i can subsequently import from that other python folder

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