How to create a FoxPro dbf table in qt

  • I use QODBC to connect as "Free Table directory", connect is OK, and select in the table is OK. But I can't create a new table. I lost something or just permission deny? How can I fixed it ? Here is my code, I really don't konw how to deal with it , I am new here,

        QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QODBC");
        QString dsn = "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=D:/test/;Exclusive=No;Collate=Machine;NULL=NO;DELETED=NO;BACKGROUNDFETCH=NO;";
        if(!{  // is OK 
           QMessageBox::critical(0, QObject::tr("Database Error"),db.lastError().text());
        } else {
        QSqlQuery query(db);
        QString sql = QString::fromLocal8Bit("create table person "
                                              "(id integer primary key, "
                                              "firstname varchar(20), "
                                              "lastname varchar(30), "
                                             "age integer)");
        if(query.exec(sql)) {   // fail 
            QMessageBox::about(0,"a","create table succeed");
        } else {
            QMessageBox::critical(0, QObject::tr("Database Error"),db.lastError().text());
        query.prepare("INSERT INTO person(id, firstname, lastname,age) VALUES (:id, :forename, :surname,:age)");
        query.bindValue(":id", 1001);
        query.bindValue(":firstname", "Bart");
        query.bindValue(":lastname", "Simpson");
        query.bindValue(":age", 24);
        query.exec("INSERT INTO person(id,firstname,lastname,age) VALUES(13,\"fang\", \"nan\", 23)");
        query.exec("select * from person");
        while( {

  • Hi, it's not a permissions problem or so, instead it's Visual Foxpro requiring a nonstandard syntax to create a new table, you could try:

    QSqlQuery query(db);
    QString sql = QString::fromLocal8Bit("create table D:/test/person "
                                          "(id I, "
                                          "firstname C(20), "
                                          "lastname C(30), "
                                         "age I)");

    Note 1: To get the .DBF file created in the correct place, you need to specify D:\Test\ also
    Note 2: Creating a primary key index I think is not supported inside C++ code, think you have to create the index in Visual Foxpro's command window, for more see here

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