Problem creating QT Widgets Application

  • I just wanted to try out Qt for a desktop application today, but when creating a QT Widgets Application, the second step labeled "Kits" gave me the error: No valid kits found.
    I went to Tools -> Options -> Build and Run -> Kits, which had a kit named "Desktop (Default)." I set up the compiler properly, but the Qt version option only had two options: "None" and "Qt 5.9.1 for Android armv 7." This is how my window looks:

    alt text

    I used the offline installer from the Qt mirror download page. The file is named: qt-opensource-windows-x86-5.9.1.exe

    EDIT: I tried the offline installer again and it seems to have some other components that were not selected. Looks like this:

    alt text

    If anyone could tell me which ones to choose, that would be great.

    EDIT2: I'm just stupid. I installed all the kits that looked desktop related to me (MSVC20xx and MingW), and it worked.

    Thank you.

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