rename .user file? multiple .user files?

  • I have one computer running both mac and windows (mac with parallels)
    i have one cross platform project, accessed from the same file system folder in both mac and windows
    obviously, the .user file is going to be a problem.
    i can extract the shared .user file stuff into a shared user file, no prob there.
    but it would really solve the problem if i could RENAME the user file based on platform, eg:

    the obvious place to do this would be in QT Creator prefs, but i see no place to do so.

    i thought i could MAYBE change the "environment variable" for the file extension, like this

    but i am not sure how to set the environment variable.

    also thought maybe i'll make a hard link "" that points to "", hoping the .user file created would be called "", but that didn't work. tried with Alias as well, also fail.

    I've googled around and found many people with this same pain point, but no solutions.

    updateQ: wait would it work to have a who's ONLY line is [#include "Proj.pri"] ? as described here? then the user file names would be different!!

  • YES! You can have separate .pro files with different names, and one pri file, eg:

    and each .pro file has one line:


    problem solved! each user gets a separate user file, but you have only one project file (the ".pri" one)


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