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Text to Speech on Android, making sure is on device

  • Hello there
    I am working on an Android app using Text To Speech with QT 5.8. Everything works charmingly well. Now, I want to make sure, that is present or forced to download on startup. Making sure, the TTS experience is actually happening when it should and isn't downloaded in the background after the first TTS call. Which would be too late and compromise trust in the system. Also, I am not sure if is automatically downloaded on all devices or if this is a lottery. Any hints are highly appreciated. Thx in advance!

    -> It seems that not only is needed but also the voices. In my case, this would be English and Hindi. I figured that on some devices, the voices get downloaded according to the locale used ("en_IN" and "hi_IN" in my case). But once again, download of the voices will take some time until it will work.

    -> Would it be a legit workaround to download the current tts.apk extract the tts library and the voices needed and include them in my app's .apk?

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    Do you mean that API ? If so it looks like its integrated since API level 4.

  • Oh dear, you're absolutely right. I was completely overdoing it.
    In that case, I must only check for the language files to be present.