Set cookie before loading url WebEngineView(qml)

  • Hi,
    How can I set cookie before loading a url on WebEngineView that is created in qml code, can I inherit from something like WebEngineViewItem to create my customized WebEngineView?
    the WebEngineView widget has a page() method that return page and then I can get profile and then the cookieStore but I didn't find any way for qml code.

  • Seems this is OK,

    QQuickWebEngineProfile* defaultProfile = QQuickWebEngineProfile::defaultProfile();
    QWebEngineCookieStore *cookieStore = defaultProfile->cookieStore();
    QNetworkCookie cookie;

    You can also pass the profile property of the WebEngineView from Qml to C++ and do same.
    There is no page method for Qml WebEngineView.

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