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[SOLVED] qt alternative?

  • is there a qt alternative on the net. I am looking for an c++ gui builder with good documents for windows, like qt creator but without all the license restrictions

  • bq. is there a qt alternative on the net. I am looking for an c++ gui builder with good documents for windows, like qt creator but without all the license restrictions

    You are kidding aren't you?

    From your previous posts I know you want to make a closed source program. Qt is the most open alternative on earth.

    Other projects are proprietary ( read it like : we won't show you how we made it)
    open source. (here the basic principle is sharing and working together, so it's not too much to ask to give something back to the community)

    What you want is get everything for free from a community, play with it and make your own thing without sharing. How can a project grow with a license like that where people only take and don't put knowledge and experience in it?

  • I think you misunderstood my post. what i should have said is license confusions on the forum not restrictions. I am only looking for alternative to a ide + builder. I have not decided on a license such as commercial or lgpl. this is the reason for my post.

    I am not saying that qt is bad. there is just some confusing posts about what to include and how to include in a package that you make with qt.

    to answer your last question, if a person chooses to make there project closed source without sharing then that is their business to do so and with the lgpl license they can do just that. but on the other hand if they want to share they can do that too. this is why we have chooses in licenses to give different people the option to choose how they would like to distribute there package.

    once again, i believe you misunderstood me. I might be looking for a license as completely opensource or a may not be. time will tell. right now i am undecided as to what direction i will go. rather i need a different license or even a different website.

  • In your first post you ask :

    bq. I am looking for an c++ gui builder with good documents for windows, like qt creator but without all the license restrictions

    Now you are saying it's possible you will choose one of the Qt licenses. i'm glad to hear that.

    Of course you can choose the license you like.

    I was trying to tell you it's really difficult to find a project similar to Qt, built on open source and that let's you make closed source programs since such a project will not get a lot of input from the community.
    Qt is an exception in this case. More than 5 years ago there were only 2 choices possible : GPL or commercial license. Nokia decided to use the LGPL license too. You can read more about their objective "on this link":

    If you find another please let us know.

  • you quoted my license restrictions part of the paragraph again from my first post. in my above post i said that it should have been license confusions.

    ok eddy, thank you for your feedback. I guess we both misunderstood each other here. sorry about that. its been a long day of studying the qt licenses.

    yes, I came to the conclusion that qt has probably the best ide and gui builder on the net. I might stay with qt. It was just the licenses was a bit different to understand at first. after all, i still have a few unanswered questions about the lgpl.

  • Glad to hear that.

    Yes licenses can be sometimes difficult to handle. It's all about laws and every country has other judges, lawyers that interpret them.

    Have fun with Qt!

  • I spent a lot of days looking for an ide + gui builder before i found qt. This topic was my last attempt in finding an alternative. I guess qt is the best there is.

  • Hi kalster,

    are you looking for an IDE (e.g. QtCreator + mingw or MSVS Express etc.) which you can use as IDE? Or are you looking for a C++ framework like Qt or MFC etc, which you can use to have easier code?

    All the license stuff is realted to the Qt framework, not to QtCreator which you can use as a better editor with compiler integration :-)

    On windows, there is MSVS Express which is also free, but it has no Qt uintergation, and if it had, it would have the same license issues as they are related to Qt, not Qt Creator.

  • I try to stay away from Microsoft produces as they are limited to only one os. an alternative qt framework would be nice. I searched for MFC and it looks like Microsoft product. I like qt because my program would run in many os. MFC would only run in windows.

    but really, I spent too much time in looking for an alternative ide + gui builder. this topic was basically my last time that i would search for an qt alternative.

  • Again the question:

    Are you looking for an IDE or an C++ framework?
    I agree mSVS and MFC are MS only, but you never talked about platform independance.

    And asking for a Qt alternative in a Qt forum is perhaps not the best idea :-)

    Sure, Java is also multiplatform, ok it's not C++. WxWidgets (or however it is called now) is C++ and also Open Source. There will be even more, but you will perhaps not get an "this is better than Qt" here.

    If you need multiple platform support and are searching for a framework I personally suggest Qt. If you are looking for an IDE, I suggest QtCreator, it is good and platform independant. Sure, some platform specific compilers and IDEs have better support for their platform (like MSVS for Windows) but then you need different ones for the OSes...

    When deciding what we use in out company for multi platform framework which also supports embedded systems, Qt has won. E.g. because you have a very good support for commercial licenses which was not possible at that time e.g. for WxWidgets.

    Perhapos that helps a bit for your question...

  • Yes, you are right when you say that asking for an qt alternative in this forum is not a good idea, which is part of the reason why i marked this topic as solved. also, I really did not want any more feedback because I decided that I might stay with qt. :) but thank you for your feedback anyways.

    I figure that like you said, qt is probably the best there is. but since you are posted here, if you know of an alternative framework ide gui builder then I would like to know about it. I am only looking for c++. but you said that qt is the best so i will take that as your answer.

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