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Build my app for Windows, Mac OS and linux from Linux

  • I currently have an application that works like a charm on windows and Linux, and usually I compile it directly on the desired machine. So far I have tired both on Windows\Linux and 32bits\64bits versions.

    Now I want to be able to build my app for Windows, Mac OS and Linux from Linux command line. It will be used in these platforms, and I plan to make successive compilations to different directories. For Linux, and Windows, I expect it to be simple since I can use mingw-g++ and everything is practically setup for me. But what about building the Mac OS libraries\ executable? I have close to 0 knowledge of Mac environment.

    What should I take in account?
    Do I need any other cross-compiler than mingw-gcc ?
    Is there any qmake spec I can use ?
    What should I be specifically careful about when compiling the different Qt libraries?
    What should I be specifically careful about in my pro files?

    Any help would be terrific.

  • Any clues? Please this is really important

  • Seems you can not build Mac OS X app in Linux, for which need Xcode. Anybody know? But for some dependency reason, i think what's your want is not necessary.

  • Thanks Chuck. Can you explain me a little more? Actually I need this because my code need on the linux server of the team, so that each team worker can just come and grab the executable. Right now I am compiling on similar hosts and putting everything on the server. But as someone else will maintain, he needs to compile everything on the server.

  • You need build them separately on Windows, Linux and Mac. And upload them to your server.

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