QXmlQuery update of attributes

  • I'm really new with the XQuery language. I try to update an attribute value in a XML document with XQuery an the QXmlQuery class.
    I found the following example on the internet.

    XML Source:

    <root foo="bar">

    XQuery Code:

    let $doc := doc('/db/test/update-attribute/root.xml')/root
    return update value $doc/@foo with 'new-value'

    XML Result:

    <root foo="new-value">

    Is it possible to do this with QXmlQuery class?
    I tried it with the following code, but it didn't work:

    QString fileName("D:\\source.xml");
    QFile file(fileName);
    if (file.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly))
            QXmlQuery xmlQuery;
            xmlQuery.bindVariable("fileName", &file);
    	QString resultString;
    	QString queryString;
    	queryString = "declare variable $fileName external;\n";
            queryString += "let $doc := doc($fileName)/root\n";
            queryString += "return update value $doc/@foo with 'new-value'\n";
            if (xmlQuery.evaluateTo(&resultString))
    		qDebug() << resultString;

    A Query like "declare variable $fileName external; doc($fileName)/root/@foo/data(.)" works, but update operation like described above not. Is update possible with QXmlQuery class or is a newer version of the XQuery language or an extenstion necessary which QXmlQuery don't support?

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