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QString Error

  • Actually i'm using Qt 5.9 but this error appears when i try run my code:

    alt text

    The QString library are declared, i dont know what to do, someone can help me?

  • Hi sad2 ,

    what OS are you using?

  • how commando_ant is declared?
    By the way fromAscii is obsolete you can use fromLatin1() instead.
    It still should be available though.

  • from the qstring.h sources :

        QT_DEPRECATED static inline QString fromAscii(const char *str, int size = -1)
        { return fromLatin1(str, size); }
        QT_DEPRECATED static inline QString fromAscii(const QByteArray &str)
        { return fromLatin1(str); }
        Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QByteArray toAscii() const
        { return toLatin1(); }

    So obviously it is in there but, you have to change some settings in your app. I would follow @AlexMal 's advice however.

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