Create a custom component with QML and use it in a c++ project

  • Hi all,

    I will shortly explain my project:
    At the moment I have build an application which reads values from a CAN-bus of an home made electric car. So for example I want visualize the RPM of the motor. For this I made a simple QLCDnumber (which look really boring to be honest ;) ) .

    Now when I search the Internet I find a lot of nice gauges written in QML.
    I would like to make one my self, but first I want to know how to implement those QML's into my c++ project. I can't seem to find a correct way to do this. Or if it is even possible.
    Is this the correct way I want to do this kind of things? Or should I use a different approach?

    I hope somebody can push me into the correct way (or even give me an example or tutorial).

    Kind regards,
    Toon Mertens

  • @TMJJ You can start here:

    There are millions of source. Just google or take a look at qt-creators' example list.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the quick answer. Now I understand I didn't asked my question correctly.
    I know it is possible to do this, but I actually want to combine a qml into my .ui widget.
    I finally found a tutorial for this ( It says it is only possible to do this from qt 5.0. For my embedded system I'm working with 4.7. So this isn't possible for me.

    Kind regards

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