QML Map and WMS cartographic server

  • Good day.

    Looking at QML Map component, I don't see WMS server support among plugins available. What would be a proper way to add such support?

    The most obvious solution I can think of would be to "replace" QGeoTileProviderOsm::tileAddress() by subclassing from it and writing my own implementation which would form a WMS request based on tile (x,y,z) triplet, but I don't understand how I would make a new plugin that will use said implementation (or where I could read about creating new Map plugins) or how to access qgeotileproviderosm.h header.

    I did see ESRI WMS class, but I would rather avoid adding the whole ArcGIS SDK to my project.

    I did see QMapControl widget, but combining the widget with QML interface is a bit trickier than I'd like, and the thing seemingly isn't supported anymore.

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