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  • Hey community,
    what I want to do is easy (the concept is easy, the implementation, I dont know).
    I want to make a visual scripting editor and it should look a bit like Blueprints in the Unreal Engine 4 (no, it will never look as good as UE4 Blueprints, but I want to try to make something useful anyway). Dont care ybout what it is doing. I did some brainstorming and know how it should work and it is not complicated.
    The problem is, that I have not studied informatics or sth. yet (I am 16) and I am not very familiar with QT (just did some stuff in Qt Creator).
    The question is: What should I use for the Graph Editor (it should also be possible to add some handwritten notes in the editor, because maybe one day, I want to bring it to touchscreen devices, such as tablets) and what would you recommend me how to start?
    I am familiar with and OpenGl (GLUT) (but I dont like it) and OOP-Languages such as C++, Python, Java etc. I thought, maybe I could use sth like canvas? (unfortunately I never did something with canvas)
    And here I would be really happy about some suggentions by the guys, they know QT :D

    Thanks for all answers :)
    Leon Thomm

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    Hi! Maybe you want to study the venerable Diagram Scene Example as a starting point.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Wieland It looks good for what I want to do, I will read a bit about it, thanks!

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