QT Beautifier plugin With Artistic Style refuses to function 'Error in Beautifier ... "AStyle.exe" terminated with exit code 1'

  • Hello, I'm trying to use the QT Beautifier plugin on Windows 10 with Artistic Style.

    I downloaded Artistic style, enabled the Beautifier plugin, set the Beautifier general tool to Artistic Style, set a keyboard short cut and created a custom configuration file.

    in tools>options>beautifier>artisticstyle I set the Artistic Style Command to:


    I can even go into that directory and type Astyle.exe --version and the following will come up:

    Artistic Style Version 3.0

    So I'm not sure what the problem is.

    At the time of writing this I found out what the problem was, so I will reply with the solution so others do not have the same issue.

  • The following was my configuration.


    At first it may appear as if nothing was wrong, but --max-continuation-indent needs to have a value, changing it to --max-continuation-indent=40 worked. It appears that if the Artistic Style style config file does not have proper syntax QT does not notify the user.

    To debug this I took a command I knew would work and tried it again, it worked fine.

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