Good books to learn Qt5

  • I started learning Qt yesterday.
    Check everywhere for a step by step guide type books.
    I found good video series from "VoidRealms"
    Can someone help me to find good Qt5 books?


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  • I do not know any good text books of Qt5, maybe there do not exist yet. Qt5 become too big today, there are so many things to introduce. But there do exist nice books of Qt4, most of the api and design principle still work on Qt5.Following books do not mentioned anything about qml/QtQuick

    C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (2nd Edition) - The official C++/Qt book
    Advanced Qt Programming: Creating Great Software with C++ and Qt 4

    I do not know any good books of qml/QtQuick, what I do is study the documents and examples come with Qt sdk. Good news is document of Qt are well written.

    Today Qt5 provide a lot of solutions to create ui, it is quite confuse which solution to pick at the first time. Following are my own opinion

    If you want to develop desktop applications like words, cad tools, QWidget/QGraphicsView still a better solution, forget QtQuick control 1.

    If you want to develop consumer apps for mobile like devices(screen are small and touch able), qml/QtQuick control 2 is a way to go.

    You do not need to know anything about QWidget/QGraphicsView if you want to develop mobile apps by qml/QtQuick and vice versa, but you would(mostly) need to know how to communicate between c++ and qml, because there are many "back end" and "heavy duty" are better to be done by c++.

    In 21 century, we do not use raw pointer to manage resource in most of the times, we use "RAII" to handle the chores for us. If you do not know what is "RAII", please consider study some great text books of c++ before you start to learn Qt5, this could save you tons of times.

    stack overflow list out lots of great c++ books.

  • @VRonin Thank you very much.

  • @tham Thank you very much for taking your time to help me out. Very helpful directions.

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