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Rendering in c++, how to build the 'chassis'?

  • My goal: render complex things (2d, vectorized) using existing c++ rende code, inside a Qt Quick application
    In short: is there (or can any one provide) an example of the needed setup/framework code to get custom drawn things on screen in a Qt Quick application?

    From google I understand that there are basically two 'modern' ways, by either subclassing QQuickItem or by subclassing QQuickPaintedItem.
    For now I was able to render my things on a QImage using a QPainter and save it to disk, but I'm having a hard time understanding how to integrate it in Qt Quick so that it will be rendered full screen (with approximately 5 FPS). (In a later stage there will be more gui/buttons added that change what is rendered).

    so starting from a new freshly created project, what should I do to get a call to my (statefull) c++ code that renders things using a QPainter?
    (As I'm quite new to Qt feel free to state the obvious things)

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    Have seen the TextBalloon::TextBalloon examples under Examples directory in Qt Installation ? Just look at quick directory under examples. It has many.

  • Yes, I did see that example, however how to run it? it builds a library (how do I connect that to a normal app?)
    And is that the best way to build an app that heavily relies on the drawn graphics?