Qprocess and Matlab

  • Greetings,

    I recently tried to connect Qt and Matlab using engine . Unfurtonately, I wasn't able due to some incompatibilities. Right now I'm facing a different problem using Qprocess.

    In Matlab, I have the following code. The file is called tedaldi_cal.m.

    [cur_a_params,cur_w_params,stats] = run_ae(rec_path);

    Where rec_path is the the path to the files that I want to read (a text file). In the code below, I'm able to open Matlab, but I don't know how could I pass the parameters to run the program.

    QProcess* p = new QProcess(NULL);
         QString program = "C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2016b/bin/matlab.exe";
         QStringList arguments;
         QString run_fileName="\-r \"D:/Users/clightcap/Desktop/tedaldi_cal.m\"";
         QString show_wind="-nosplash";
         arguments << run_fileName;
         arguments <<show_wind;

    Suggestions are always welcome.

  • Hi! Please, this is the Qt forum. You can ask questions about Matlab's command line interface on MathWorks' website.

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