Can someone provide a working example of VXYModelMapper with lineseries chart ?

  • I want to implement something like this .With a model from cpp and combined with line charts but I am not able to understand yColumn and xColumn as in what data shall I provide it and I would like to Append the data to the lineseries every time it is updated.

    Rectangle {
        implicitWidth: implicitWidth + 2*anchors.margins
        implicitHeight: implicitHeight + 2*anchors.margins
        clip: true
        color: "#ddd"
        Item {
        id: valueDisp
        implicitWidth: 640
        implicitHeight: 640
            id: chartView
            title: " Scope "
            anchors.fill: parent
            legend.visible: false
            antialiasing: true
            backgroundColor: "white"
            plotAreaColor: "white"
            titleColor: "white"
            ValueAxis {
                id: axisX
                min: componentData.changeXMin
                max: componentData.changeXMax
                tickCount: 1
            ValueAxis {
                id: axisY
                min: componentData.changeYMin
                max: componentData.changeYMax
                tickCount: 1
            LineSeries {
                id: lineSeries
                name: "Data Output"
                axisX: axisX
                axisY: axisY
                useOpenGL: true


    //this is a snippet of the code I am using :
    // in class ScopeData I a updating setXdata and setYdata and whenever I update them I assert valueAdded signal as well 
    Q_PROPERTY(QQmlListProperty<ChartData> dataRead READ dataRead NOTIFY valueAdded)
    QQmlListProperty<ChartData> ScopeData::dataRead()
    	return QQmlListProperty<xpcv::ChartData> (this,m_chartData);
    // these are the functions that I am using to update the data in the chart
    ChartData::ChartData(QObject *parent)
    	: QObject(parent),
    	void ChartData::setXdata(int data)
    	void ChartData::setYdata(double data)

    but I get the following error:
    unable to assign qmlListProperty<ChartData> to QAbstractItemModel
    PS- I cannot share the entire code because of privacy of project details
    Thank You,
    Saransh Vora

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